“Jann Glasser is a caring professional. She assists clients in working through the emotional stress of divorce. A great communicator herself, she works with you to improve your communication skills so you can speak your needs during the divorce meetings. She's a very positive person and knowledgeable in her field.”

Tracy M, Certified Financial Planner, May 14, 2010


“Jann Glasser is an intuitive, intelligent and communicative divorce coach. Her insights and input as a coach have been instrumental in assisting clients resolve their family law issues in a healthy way. Jann is also an excellent teacher, as she had led many attorney/coach/financial specialist round table trainings for our nonprofit group. Jann is also an effective leader as a member of the board of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County. She is caring and practical, an excellent combination.”

Therese F, Family law attorney, June 23, 2009


“Jann is a bright, energetic and empathic divorce coach. She easily establishes rapport with both her clients and other professionals on collaborative teams. I have worked with Jann as a colleague on a number of collaborative teams and I always look forward to this opportunity. I experience her as being team player and open to feedback, as well as eager to initiate solutions where appropriate. Her insights and input as a divorce coach have facilitated clients in reaching consensus in their dissolution of divorce issues. Jann skillfully assists clients diffuse their emotional "baggage", while keeping them focused on making critical, objective decisions regarding their own future and that of their reorganizing family. She is a caring and goal oriented asset to any collaborative team.” June 29, 2011 “As a mental health professional for over 25 years, I frequently have the opportunity to refer potential clients to other therapists. One person who I find at the top of my referral list is Jann Glasser, LCSW, LMFT. More times than not, when I have referred a client to Jann, that client elects to start and to continue counseling with her. Jann is extremely responsive to clients in a crisis situation and she is one who is adept at helping others manage their stress and problem solve effectively. Jann is a bright, caring and compassionate clinician, with whom clients easily connect and feel comfortable trusting their most personal difficulties. She is equally at ease with both male and female clients, offering them insightful and practical techniques to help them through the toughest of life's transitions. Clients who have completed their counseling with Jann find themselves much better off than when they began - now able to cope with the challenges of life more effectively and able to manage their emotions more constructively. I refer clients judiciously and I am always happy to learn of the progress they have made in their work with Jann. Without hesitation I refer to her anyone who is in need of a helping therapeutic hand and mind.”

Carol R H, Ph.D., LMFT, June 29, 2011


I have worked with Jann as a team member in Collaborative Divorce cases as well as a fellow Board member for Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County, Inc. She is a wonderful team member who is able to contribute and work together to accomplish common goals. I would recommend her as a therapist and as a coach for any Collaborative Divorce case.

Jan D, Attorney at Law, May 22, 2010


“What an honor and pleasure it is for me to be on a team with Jann Glasser. Jann, you have exemplified putting the needs of the family first, have modeled excellent team vision and use, and your case management skills have really set the bar for others to seek. No matter if we have the same client or a different client on the same team, I know and trust that you bring with you a vast depth of insight as to the unique family dynamics that we are working with, consistency, reliability, integrity, promptness and availability at all times when needed to support a family in crisis or transition. You have consistently modeled putting the needs of the family first, as we facilitate each family in achieving success as they define it. You are not only committed to helping the family, but your work in the CDSOC practice group and on the CDSOC Board reflects your dedication to raising up a stronger generation of peacemakers supported by insight and training. It is such a joy for me to join hands with you as we continue on our collaborative path as peacemakers.”

Brian L, Collaborative Law & Mediation, February 20, 2011


“I have worked with Jann in her role as a therapist in the course of a joint collaborative divorce process and found Jann to be extremely effective. She is an excellent communicator who consistently keeps the professional team informed, and applies herself conscientiously to all that she does. I have observed her diffuse volatile situations that had the potential to seriously damage the process had it not been for her skilled intervention with both parties.”

Michael S, Attorney at Law, July 7, 2010




"I will be eternally grateful to Jann for helping me through the toughest time in my life, and getting me to see that there was life after divorce. Through her patient, but firm guidance, she helped me to focus on the future, rather than wallowing on my past hurts and disappointments. Her ability to keep me on track as we went through the divorce settlement, helped me to become more optimistic about my future and to value my worth as an individual, beyond my previous title of “wife.” "

Erica B


"My husband and I could barely talk to one another when we began our collaborative divorce, much less agree on anything regarding our two children. Together with my husband’s coach, Jann was a true asset in helping the two of us to understand what it meant to be successful co-parents, regardless of the fact that our marriage was ending. I am happy to say my former mate and I are probably better parents to our two children now than we ever were during our marriage! Much of the credit goes to Jann and the new skills she provided us."

Dawn W.


"When my husband first filed for divorce after our 20 year marriage, I was so angry and hurt that all I wanted was an aggressive divorce attorney to fight for me. When we finally chose the collaborative divorce process, Jann’s coaching helped me to get through the roller coaster ride of my emotions so that I could focus on what was truly important in my life – being a good mom for my three children and pursuing the career I had always wanted. Her guidance and support gave me a safe place to unload the pain and anger I felt. Jann’s gift of helping me separate my feelings from good decision making also helped me to rely less on others and more on myself. I am now trying to teach those same important lessons to my children."

Linda C


"Jann offered me tools for better communication, a safe place to unload my overflowing emotions, and reassurance that the world could be a better place if only I would allow myself to “stop the “tug of war.” "

Krystal B.


"I can’t believe the MSA is signed and this process is now over. I really could not have done this without you. I know this is your job, but you have a very special gift. Even though I know you have several clients, you made me feel like I was the only one you had. I will remember your wise words when I face challenging moments in the future. with your help, I am able to see a brighter future. Thank you for that. Please know you change people’s lives!"

Love, L


"Jann I want to thank you for your work behind the scene to bring a mutually agreeable outcome.  Frankly half way into it I was getting frustrated and anxious that collaborative process wasn't for me.  It required patience that I was never able to achieve during my marriage. I could only imagine how hard it was for you to make G come to terms with her divorce. I'm grateful that we were able to achieve our mission to preserve our resources and avoid unnecessary suffering for our selves and children. Learned a few things along the way too about communication."

Regards, CP





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