7 Tips to Remember for Parents Going Through Divorce

How kids get through this tough time and move forward in life as happy, healthy, human being depends on you. The choices you are making right now aren’t just shaping their today, you’re shaping their tomorrow. 

1. Do your best to choose wisely. 

2. Work on getting through this yourself so you can be all there for them.

3. Love your kids more than the hurt you hold in your heart.

4. Breathe deep when things get tough.

5. Open your mind before you open your mouth.

6. Keep checking in and talking with your kids. Let them know they’re not to blame. They didn’t cause this and they can’t fix it.

7. Make sure they know it’s okay to ask questions about why, but some of them you might not answer.

Most importantly remember divorce is change in a family, not the end of a family. 



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